Sound Design

Kontejas Sounds

Kicks, Snaps, Bleeps, Bloops and Loops. Introducing a new sample pack, Kontejas Sounds Vol. 1, with all the audio you need to get started with rich electronic music creation. Includes ambient soundscapes, Sonified datasets, and an army of synthesized and processed original Kontejas sounds. Yours FREE!

Zombie City

In less than two weeks, I taught myself Audiokinetic’s Wwise and basic game development in Unity to make this Zombie first person shooter game. It was an exercise in developing immersive audio content for a 3D environment:

The Matrix:

Here is a complete audio-rework of a┬áscene from “The Matrix”. Original film audio has been muted, so there is dialogue missing. Sounds were created using a mixture of software synthesis, foley sequencing, and processed audio recordings.


Zebbler Encanti Experience:

Another project below, is the sounds I’ve designed for the logo of Bass music artist Zebbler Encanti Experience (ZEE).


Bad acting – Movie death Scene (Meme):

And just for fun an audio-track rework of this “worst death scene” meme…

Click here for the original clip.